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Ven. Dhammadipa (Rev. Konin) is mainly supported by the generosity of donors to the Saranaloka Foundation, which is financially responsible for all of the nuns at the monastery where she resides. Her basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, and medicine are provided for by the Saranaloka Foundation. Her personal needs for travel and other minor expenses are provided for by her family and friends.

Donations to the Saranaloka Foundation are gratefully accepted. Learn more on the Aloka Vihara website here:

Aloka Vihara Support page

Alternatively, checks can be made out to "Saranaloka Foundation," and mailed to the vihara:

Saranaloka Foundation

c/o Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery
2409 Tolowa Trail
Placerville, CA 95667

If you would like to offer a gift specifically for Ven. Dhammadipa, please include the note “pavarana for Ven Dhammadipa” with your donation. Pavarana means “invitation” and it refers to funds whose use is designated only by the recipient.

Anumodana! Please accept our gratitude for your important contribution!